Yasmine Ben Salmi

Yasmine Ben Salmi, aspiring plastic surgeon and also passionate about helping people to heal by way of my unique teachings as a creative educator, London, U.K.
What inspired you to want a life in the creative industries? 
My inspiration for a life in the creative industries is rooted in her mission to eradicate people who experience low self-esteem by teaching self-love to a million young people by way of utilising my creative educator skills. Through my diverse experiences, from scientific publications to hosting programs like “The Choice Is Yours,” I aim to empower individuals to live happier lives. My involvement in prestigious organisations, such as the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland and The British Association of Black Surgeons, which is the UK’s largest body of Black surgical professionals. Being an author, publisher, mentor, teen advocate showcases a commitment to making a positive impact. Yasmine’s multifaceted approach, including book publications and community initiatives, reflects a dedication to inspiring change and promoting well-being. I have published a scientific article with my mentor Detina Zalli who’s a lead professor from Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge:

I am a proud contributor alongside my four siblings at the UN SOTF Youth Consultations. 

Who inspired you in finding your path? 
I am inspired by a sea of people that inspired me namely my mother Sabrina Ben Salmi, my eldest sister Lashai Ben Salmi, my mentors namely Dawn Kemp, Detina Zalli, Chidiebere Ibe, Lesley Warren, Neil Pinder, Dr Liz O’riordan and Red Dr Trevor Adams to my peer and my three other siblings. If I’m totally honest, I often draw inspiration from a multitude of people, from all walks of life and a multitude of experiences too. 

How you unlock obstacles and overcome bias in your work?
I navigate obstacles and overcome bias in my work through a combination of resilience, education, and community engagement. My initiatives, such as “The Choice Is Yours” and participation in events like the NGO Whisper Summit, indicate a commitment to promoting positive change and inclusivity. Additionally, my involvement in scientific publications and collaborations with mentors from prestigious institutions reflects a strategic approach to overcoming biases and contributing to my field. reflects my commitment to inclusivity and combating biases on various fronts. As an author, publisher and advisor I’m granted a unique opportunity to share my message with the world. 

What improvements do you feel are required to promote effective change in the academic and working environment?
To foster effective change in the academic and working environment, my experiences suggest a focus on promoting forgiveness, healing in the form of self-love, diversity, and holistic well-being. My initiatives, like “The Choice Is Yours” and involvement in organisations such as the UN, Association of Surgeons, highlight the importance of addressing individual mental health and self-esteem. Additionally, advocating for diversity, as seen in my participation in the NGO Whisper Summit etc, contributes to creating more inclusive academic and working spaces. Overall, my approach emphasises the significance of personal development, diversity, and positive mindset for meaningful change. In addition to the above our family Ben Salmi Schools Tour with Virgin Money, UN and Global Black Impact Summit, is crucial for fostering inclusive environments and promoting effective change. I have a dream to launch an app that’ll empower the next generation in a way that hasn’t been experienced before. I also believe that inviting young people to the table to enable their voices to be heard is absolutely essential to ensure that true change that benefits those in question takes place. 

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