HomeGrown Plus fully acknowledges this amazing ongoing journey would not be possible without the continued support from our sponsors. We will continue growing and moving forward and would like to extend our thanks to all involved.
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Karakusevic Carson Architects

Karakusevic Carson Architects are Architects and Urban Designers at the forefront of social housing design, working almost exclusively with local councils and city halls. We design homes and neighbourhoods that transform communities, collaborating with residents to produce exceptional housing and urban strategies that are unique to each site. Equality and diversity is a fundamental part of our studio, with our pioneering work in this sector helping to shape policy, practice and education. We partner with Homegrown Plus to deliver innovative programmes that build diversity and inclusion in the industry, from site-specific initiatives to broaden mentoring, workshops and sponsorship that have created learning and career opportunities for hundreds of young people over the last 10 years.


Foster + Partners is a global studio for architecture, urbanism and design, rooted in sustainability, which was founded over fifty years ago in 1967 by Norman Foster. Our partnership with Homegrown Plus reflects our sustained commitment to enhance diversity in the architecture and design industry across the world. The NY-LON programme offers a rare opportunity for ten deserving candidates to explore the vibrant city of New York. Our founder, Norman Foster has often spoken about the positive impact of the early opportunities he got as a student to travel through scholarships and awards and we are proud to be able to offer similar chances to deserving students today.


AHMM was founded in 1989 and we work across the UK and around the world on projects across sectors and scales. We won the RIBA Stirling Prize for Burntwood School in 2015 and in 2017, AHMM became majority owned by its employees through an Employee Ownership Trust. AHMM is a proud supporter of Home Grown Plus and its focus creating new opportunities to access architecture. We are delighted that two of our team at early career stages have had the fantastic opportunity to attend NY-LON, supporting their personal development as well as bringing back to AHMM energy, knowledge and new networks.


Price Associates, a London based design agency and have been involved with Homegrown Plus since inception. Working closely with Neil Pinder and Dennis Austin the founders to create the brand identity for Homegrown Plus. What drew us to this project as a sponsor is the organisations core values giving young people from diverse and marginalised backgrounds the opportunity to enter the architectural and creative industry. We will continue to support this exciting and growing organisation with the vision of creating a unique aspirational and inspiring platform.





For over 40 years, Grimshaw has delivered pioneering architecture and design around the world. Our practice is rooted in the creativity and capability of a diverse, global workforce, and we value the ideas and inspirations that this community provides. Grimshaw supports the important work of HomeGrown Plus as they usher the newest generation of architects and designers into the profession, fostering talent and delivering opportunity to those who will build our future.


SmartestEnergy is a B2B energy company empowering switched-on customers, generators and partners to get to net zero. We know the journey to 100% renewable energy is complex, because everyone’s at different stages with unique needs. That’s why our model is flexible, our advice is unbiased, and our innovative retail solutions are realistic. As a growing community, we can make the system fairer and more powerful. We want to provide opportunities for our communities and be champions of a greener, smarter energy for generations. Our partnership with HG+ is testament to our desire to support grassroots initiatives but also to expand our thinking about how our area of business impacts the built environment.


daab design as a Battersea based Architectural practice applying large practice knowledge in a studio format. We are at ease working on scales ranging from the house to the city and believe in collective responsibility to improve our environment. Our work reflects the cities we have lived in and the cultures we love. We consider HomeGrown Plus as an essential motor of change providing positive impact to those who will shape the built environment of tomorrow and are proud to support its mission to help the Non-Traditional student navigate their way to a life in Architecture and the creative industries.


Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) redefined architecture for the 21st century with a repertoire of projects that have captured imaginations across the globe. Form and space are woven within the structure of buildings that engage the senses, creating unrivalled spatial experiences that are clearly organized and intuitive to navigate. Receiving the highest honours from civic, professional and academic institutions worldwide, ZHA is one of the world’s most consistently inventive architectural studios—and has been for four decades. Marrying advancements in design technologies with ecologically sound materials and sustainable construction practices, ZHA does not look at the disparate parts, but works to understand them as a whole to meet the aspirations of each new generation.


Blueprint for All works with young people and communities to create an inclusive society in which everyone, regardless of their race, ethnicity or background are provided with opportunities to thrive, whilst also seeking to drive systemic change. Throughout the country, people of diverse ethnic heritage are overrepresented in unemployment and low-paid statistics. Blueprint for All take pride in working to level the playing field in a society that is systematically unfair. Their digital platform, ‘My Blueprint for All’ connects talented and ambitious young people from diverse, under-represented backgrounds with opportunities with employers and in industries that would normally be out of their reach. Blueprint for All has worked in partnership with Home Grown Plus since its inception, focusing on projects that support young people from diverse backgrounds to access opportunities within the Built Environment.



Stiff+Trevillion makes elegant, human-centred architecture that stands the test of time. Architecture is an inclusive, social profession, we work with clients, artisans, and builders to create tangible, three-dimensional outcomes. Our work is confident, unpretentious and tasteful, using simple materials in a painterly way to sit with poise within its context. Stiff+Trevillion are delighted to support the work of HG+ and have helped students to achieve their ambitions through the NY/LON programme. This gives up to ten students the opportunity to spend a week in New York exploring, designing, and enhancing their network of learning in partnership with the Pratt Institute's School of Architecture.



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