Tray-Sean Ben Salmi

Tray-Sean Ben Salmi, passionate about financial education by way of my unique teachings as a creative educator, London, U.K.
What inspired you to want a life in the creative industries? 
I have extensive involvement in finance, education, and various projects. To answer your question about what inspired me to pursue a life in the creative industries, I’m driven by a mission to eradicate poverty through financial education, evident in his grassroots project “I’m That KID – Teaching Teens How To Trade.” My diverse experiences, from wealth management, public speaking, mentoring, advocacy, being a UN Women U.K. Delegate, to working alongside my famiky to raise aspirations in young people, being an RSA Fellow, proud Harrovian to founding Influencer Publishing House, highlight a multifaceted approach to creative endeavors that align with my broader purpose.

Who inspired you in finding your path? 
There’s a host of people that inspired me from my mother Sabrina Ben Salmi, my eldest sister Lashai Ben Salmi, my first financial mentor Juergen Pallien, Neil Pinder, Rupert Dickinson LLB CA, Red Dr Trevor Adams, Lord Michael Hastings to my peers at Harrow and my three other siblings. If I’m honest I tend to draw inspiration from a multitude of individuals and experiences. 

How you unlock obstacles and overcome bias in your work?
I tend to navigate obstacles and overcome bias by leveraging a combination of diverse experiences, education, and strategic initiatives. My involvement in financial education, TEDx talks, and projects like “I’m That KID” demonstrate a proactive approach to address bias and empower others. Additionally, being a delegate at the UN Commission on the Status of Women and participating in initiatives like the Global Black Impact Summit founded by the legendary Clarance Seedorf reflects my commitment to inclusivity and combating biases on various fronts. As an author, publisher and advisor I’m granted a unique opportunity to share my message with the world. 

What improvements do you feel are required to promote effective change in the academic and working environment?
To enhance effective change in academic and working environments, my experiences suggest a focus on financial education, mentorship programs, and initiatives fostering diversity and inclusion. Implementing comprehensive financial education, as seen in his “I’m That KID” project, could empower individuals. Moreover, mentorship programs, exemplified by my collaboration within my network, contribute to personal and professional development. Embracing diversity, seen through his involvement in the TEDx Talk, Ben Salmi Schools Tour with Virgin Money, UN and Global Black Impact Summit, is crucial for fostering inclusive environments and promoting effective change. I have a dream to launch an app that’ll empower the new t generation in a way that hasn’t been experienced before. 

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