Amire Ben Salmi

Amire Ben Salmi, author, presenter, host, publisher, mentor, child advocate and also passionate about helping people to improve their mental as a creative educator, London, U.K.
What inspired you to want a life in the creative industries? 
I was inspired to embrace a life in the creative industries by my burning desire to spread joy and positivity through the teaching of affirmations. My purpose, rooted in putting smiles on the faces of people, led me to establish Because I AM Intelligent and the I AM Publishing House. Becoming the youngest author in the Ben Salmi family at the age of three and a half ignited my passion for creativity and learning. Contributing alongside my siblings at the UN SOTF Youth Consultations and being a guest speaker at an international gathering organised by The Optimisation Hub allowed me to share my message globally. The creation of the Ben Salmi Forest in Tanzania symbolises our commitment to environmental consciousness.
Being acknowledged during Chelsea FC’s Edge of The Box 6th Anniversary celebration and in the credits of the movie “How Thoughts Become Things” reaffirms the impact of our creative endeavors. As the youngest-ever honorary STEM Ambassador for Brunel University London, I strive to inspire others to embrace learning and creativity. Hosting my signature program, Because I AM Intelligent – Easy As P.I.E Affirmations, at Virgin and Chelsea FC reflects my dedication to making affirmations accessible and enjoyable. Participating in campaigns for Sainsbury’s, Legoland, Warner Bros, and Sony allows me to amplify my message. I founded Because I AM Intelligent to help individuals plant seeds of fun learning, positive affirmations, and creativity. My belief in the power of words guides me, and through products like books and affirmation cards, I aim to contribute to a brighter future for everyone. So, when will you choose to affirm your life? Check out my websites:

Who inspired you in finding your path? 
I am inspired by my family, friends and mentors and a multitude of life experiences. I appreciate inspiration from my mum Sabrina Ben Salmi, my siblings: Lashai Ben Salmi, Tray-Sean Ben Salmi, Yasmine Ben Salmi and Paolo Ben Salmi. My mentors Abuelo aka Alan Shelton, Lesley Warren, Neil Pinder, Ari Rastegar, Rev Colin Francis and Rev Dr Trevor Adams and my peers. I’m deeply inspired and fascinated by the depth of complexity and simplicity of affirmations. Writing and publishing books, speaking on stage and helping others also inspire me. 

How you unlock obstacles and overcome bias in your work?
I unlock obstacles and overcome bias in my work through a commitment to creative education, affirmations, open-minded dialogue, and intentional inclusivity. By fostering awareness, encouraging open conversations, and actively embracing diverse perspectives, I create an environment that transcends biases and promotes collaboration. Continuous self-education and a dedication to inclusivity help me navigate challenges and ensure that my work is a platform for positive change and equal opportunity.

What improvements do you feel are required to promote effective change in the academic and working environment?
To promote effective change in the academic and working environment, I believe we need to focus on several key improvements. Firstly, implementing comprehensive diversity and inclusion programs is essential to celebrate and embrace the richness of different backgrounds and perspectives. Secondly, incorporating sustainability education into academic curricula can foster a sense of environmental responsibility. Creating platforms for youth empowerment and leadership, as well as integrating personal development and mindset training, can equip individuals with the tools for success. Additionally, recognising diverse achievements and establishing community engagement programs will contribute to a more inclusive and supportive environment. Continuous learning platforms and a commitment to collaboration with NGOs and other institutions can further enhance the overall educational experience and drive positive change.

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