Paolo Ben Salmi

Paolo Ben Salmi, author, presenter, host, publisher, mentor, climate activist, planted 10k trees, teen advocate and also passionate about helping people to fine tune their mindset and leadership skills and I like to think of myself as a creative educator, London, U.K.
What inspired you to want a life in the creative industries? 
My inspiration for a life in the creative industries was inspired by a deep passion for self-discovery, exploration, and making a positive impact. Through my various roles as a personal development coach, ambassador, speaker, and founder of Pint Size Adventurer, I strive to inspire one million young minds to explore their internal and external worlds. From my engineering work experience with Tisserin Engineering to being a proud contributor at UN SOTF Youth Consultations, each experience has fueled my commitment to planting seeds of curiosity and engineering positive change. Check out my work on my websites:

I am a proud contributor alongside my four siblings at the UN SOTF Youth Consultations. 

Who inspired you in finding your path? 
I am inspired by my family, friends and mentors and a multitude of life experiences. I appreciate inspiration from my mother Sabrina Ben Salmi, my siblings: Lashai Ben Salmi, Tray-Sean Ben Salmi, Yasmine Ben Salmi and Amire Ben Salmi. My mentors namely Alan Shelton, Lesley Warren, Neil Pinder, Ari Rastegar, Christopher Gavigan, Rev Colin Francis, Professor Dr Ger Graus OBE and Red Dr Trevor Adams and my peers to name a few. I’m deeply inspired and fascinated by the depth of complexity and simplicity of advancing mindset and leadership skills. Writing and publishing books, helping others, overcoming challenges and discovering new aspects of myself also inspire me. 

How you unlock obstacles and overcome bias in your work?
In my work, I unlock obstacles and overcome bias through a combination of creative education, open dialogue, and intentional inclusivity. Being able to speak both nationally and internationally, hosting Royalty, Celebrities, governments and dignitaries etc helps me to share my message with the world. As a climate activist, who planted 10,000 trees in Tanzania is my way of planting seeds of change. Being an ambassador for iamtheCODE, Playseat and Water-to-Go is my way of being the change that I desire to see in the world. By promoting awareness and understanding, fostering open conversations, and ensuring diverse perspectives are actively valued and included, I strive to create an environment that transcends biases and enables collaborative solutions. Additionally, I continuously educate myself and others, fostering a culture that embraces diversity and dismantles barriers to create a more inclusive and equitable space for everyone involved. I live writing articles and one of my favourite is the one which was featured in Arabian Business:

What improvements do you feel are required to promote effective change in the academic and working environment?
To promote effective change in the academic and working environment, several improvements can be considered based on of my extensive initiatives and experiences:
• Diversity and Inclusion Programs: Implement comprehensive diversity and inclusion programs that celebrate and embrace different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. This can create a more enriching academic and working environment.
• Education on Afro Hair and Inclusion: Build on my involvement in World Afro Day to introduce educational initiatives within academic institutions, fostering understanding and positive attitudes toward Afro hair. Incorporate inclusive practices to ensure all students feel accepted.
• STEM Outreach and Inclusivity: Leveraging my involvement as a STEM Ambassador to expand STEM outreach programs, especially targeting underrepresented groups. Create a welcoming atmosphere for students of all backgrounds to participate in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
• Collaboration with NGOs and Summits: Collaborate with NGOs, such as the NGO Whisper Summit, to facilitate discussions and initiatives addressing challenges in the academic and working environment. Utilize platforms like these to share best practices and innovative solutions.
• Environmental Education and Sustainability: Capitalise on my experience as an environmental ambassador to integrate sustainability education into academic curricula. Foster a sense of responsibility for the environment and encourage sustainable practices within the academic and working community.
• Youth Empowerment and Leadership Programs: Establish programs that empower young individuals to take on leadership roles, as seen in my involvement with UN Global Goals 2030. Provide platforms for youth to contribute to decision-making processes and initiatives that shape their academic and working environments.
• Incorporate Personal Development and Mindset Training: Integrate personal development and mindset training into academic programs, drawing from my insights on mindset discussed in Arabian Business. Equip students and professionals with the tools to navigate challenges and foster a positive mindset for growth.
• Community Engagement and Outreach Programs: Develop outreach programs to engage with local communities, following my approach of planting seeds for self-discovery. Create partnerships that bridge the gap between academic institutions and the broader community, fostering mutual understanding and support.
• Continuous Learning Platforms: Establish continuous learning platforms, inspired by podcasts and interviews with various personalities. Encourage a culture of lifelong learning, where students and professionals can access resources to stay updated on industry trends and personal development strategies.
By implementing these improvements, academic and working environments can become more inclusive, supportive, and conducive to positive change, aligning with my experience and expertise and overarching purpose of inspiring self-discovery and exploration in one million young people.

Always remember that you can either watch the movie, be in the movie, direct the movie or produce the movie. The question is which will you choose?

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