Obarijima Victor Chujor

Structural engineer, London, United Kingdom

What inspired you to want a life in Architecture and the creative industries?
I always had an interest as a young child in why building remain standing and my journey began there. I now know why and I want to make buildings stand up.

Who inspired you in finding your path to Architecture/Film and the creative industries?
My dad, although he’s not in the engineering field he always answered my questions to the best of his ability and got me books which I still have today that guiding me to structural engineering.

How you unlock obstacles and overcome bias in your work?
Communication is key, not just with other people but mainly with mainly oneself. Learn the system and still maintain your individuality.

What improvements do you feel are required to promote effective change in the academic and working environment?
Collaborating in person, instead of online. I find being in person assist communication far better than an online events.
There needs to be more events for young students and professionals from diverse backgrounds to share a common space which will aid in their development and networking skills.
Alongside this, workshops not just academic but soft skills that improve the personal growth of each individual.

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