Andrii Bondarenko

BIM Engineer, Kharkiv, Ukraine

What inspired you to want a life in Architecture and the creative industries?:
The architecture itself. I always like to look at beautiful architecture, such as Ghotic and the new one inspires me. I was the kid who always liked to build something and create cities from kids’ bricks. Now, I’m working as a BIM engineer, mostly with architecture and structure, but the process inspires me to get the project done because after the project will be complete in life but without general issues, so I’m on the right way.

Who inspired you in finding your path to Architecture/Film and the creative industries?:
The first bit of inspiration for me was the movie Home Alone 2, and New York architecture. After that, I wanted to become an architect and create such beautiful things. Now,  I’m involved in different types of processes, but it’s important to create BIM models to see how they will look after the site work has finished.

How you unlock obstacles and overcome bias in your work?:
I just like to have a one-to-one conversation about that. Because this has to be fixed at the early stages before it goes too far. Also, one of the ways for me to go ahead as a professional without any regrets.

What improvements do you feel are required to promote effective change in the academic and working environment?:
Promoting effective change in academic and working environments requires a multi-faceted approach. Here are some improvements that could be considered:
Inclusive Policies
Flexible Work Arrangements
Professional Development Opportunities
Mental Health Support
Technology Integration
Transparent Communication
Environmental Sustainability
Recognition and Reward Systems
Community Engagement
Continuous Feedback Mechanisms

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