Menekse Kucuk

Menekse Kucuk, Architectural assistant, London, England.

What inspired you to want a life in Architecture and the creative industries?
Well, I have always been fascinated by the power of design and creativity. Architecture and the creative industries allow me to express my ideas and make a positive impact on our communities. It is exicing to see how spaces can be transformed and how design can shape our experiences. Furthermore, I love the constant challenge and opportunity for innovation.

Who inspired you in finding your path to Architecture and the creative industries?
I have been inspired by architects like Mimar Sinan and Peter Zumtour . Sinan was a renowned Ottoman architect who lived during the 16th century. He is considered one of the greatest architects in history and is credited with designing and overseeing the construction of many iconic structures in Istanbul. Peter Zumthor has a poetic approach to design which I really admire. He believes in creating architecture that evokes emotional and sensory experiences. I find his use of texture and materials highly inspirational.

How you unlock obstacles and overcome bias in your work.
I try to be bold in communicating my views and my value (we are the only ones who can do this for ourselves). I also make an effort to understand perceptions that are different to my own – it builds empathy, expands world views and is a critical part of the process of change.I strive to unlock obstacles and overcome bias by embracing a diverse range of perspectives and challenging preconceived notions. By actively seeking out different viewpoints and engaging in open dialogue, I can broaden my understanding and approach to design. Additionally, I continuously educate myself on inclusive design principles and strive to create spaces that are accessible and welcoming to all.

What improvements you feel are required to promote effective change in the academic and working environment?
I think it boils down to shifting attitudes and the rest will follow: open minds, a gutsy approach and a generous spirit.To promote effective change in the academic and working environment in architecture, it is crucial to foster a culture of collaboration, inclusivity, and continuous learning.  It’s important to create an environment that values creativity, diversity, and open-mindedness to drive positive change in the field of architecture.

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