Akinwande Davies

Akinwande Davies, Architectural Assistant, Dunstable City, England UK

What inspired you to want a life in Architecture and the creative industries?
I was always interested in drawing and painting, Art and design always my interest during my time in education. I started my architectural journey while studying interior architecture at Middlesex university graduated 2013. During the time of studying interior architecture, I took it upon myself to develop my skill in digital photography with a focus in high-end portrait photography combine with a previous interest in live media production. I feel strong about this because my life experience has been pointing towards becoming someone who can help people or individual feel good about their environment.

Who inspired you in finding your path to Architecture and the creative industries?
My teacher during my time at sixth form

How you unlock obstacles and overcome bias in your work?
I believe I am a hard worker and team player. I play to my strength; I am always open to learn and develop myself and experience in life. I also belief in seeking help when things are challenging, I like a challenge because I believe it will improve what I am lacking within myself and my skills.

What improvements you feel are required to promote effective change in the academic and working environment?
Fairness and being really open to new ways to move forward. The world is changing, we have to change along with the world to be better and to help others on their journey. The bridge between working environment and academic is not there at the moment. There is quite a lot of work to be done in helping those in academic to reach a place of work to be given the opportunity to develop their experience. And feel that they are being supported by the system.

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