Ordinary Teacher 2023

I am just an Ordinary Teacher
according to OFSTED

My lessons are ordinary according to
those that have the Power to judge me.

I Am just an Ordinary Teacher.

BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From this Ordinary Teacher, has come
Extra Ordinary Students

These EXTRAORDINARY students are BRAVE
they have BATTLED and they have Achieved

Far beyond what the Ordinary SYSTEM
would have you BELIEVE.

These EXTRAORDINARY students have a
passion for Creativity, They have a
Passion for Architecture and most of
all, They have a passion for LIFE.
Far beyond what the Ordinary System
would have you Believe.

I have seen these EXTRAORDINARY Students,
Grow up,
With Partners,
Get Married,
Have babies (Not necessary in that order)

I have lived a lifetime around EXTRAORDINARY
Students, and I do believe.These EXTRAORDINARY
Students have achieved
 far beyond what
the Ordinary System would
 have you Believe

Maybe, Just…. MAYBE it’s good to be an Ordinary
Teacher that produces EXTRAORDINARY Students,

in an Ordinary System, that does not Believe.

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This is for people like me